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September 24 2011

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September 21 2011

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Piratenpartei FAXE Brunner ZDF Markus Lanz 20 09 2011 - YouTube
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September 20 2011

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The Cell Episode 3 Spark Of Life (BBC) الخلية شرارة الحياة
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September 18 2011

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mich nennt niemand Mitzi!!
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Frau Fekter, tretens bitte zurück.
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September 16 2011

Windows Dev Center

"The Windows Developer Preview is a pre-beta version of Windows 8 for developers" ...and users to see how it might look like...

September 15 2011

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big brother is watching u
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September 14 2011

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Protospace Utrecht,NL. Now thats some plastic extruder. One that will hopefully output 3d-printable filament at some stage.
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September 09 2011

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Visualization of Mercury vapors in UV light
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awesome :)

Augmenting Surfaces in the Real World!

The SurfaceAugmenter is my latest mini project.

The basic idea is this: You attach a printed marker (a black rectangle) next to the flat surface you are interested in (in this example a star wars poster that you want to augment somehow) and take a picture. Because we have the marker and we know its size in the real world we can automagically do a size and perspective correction of the flat surface. You can then modify the corrected image in gimp or photoshop and when you print it out it will fit right into the place where the image came from: the real world flat surface :)

This is a screenshot from the webpage after it has found the marker and traced its outline. This is used for the perspective correction.


@clifford @bernhardkubicek

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September 08 2011

Funkfeuer: Ein freies Wlan-Netz über den Dächern Wiens
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September 07 2011

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The Hit Man - Episode 1: "Axebanger" - YouTube
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September 06 2011

Font generator / processing : prototyp-0 on Vimeo

Holy Fuck, is this awesome!
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September 03 2011

MAKE | A History of the Hackerspace Movement, Circa 2008

@metalab, @astera, @bre and @johl featured via the Hackerspace book on the Make Magazine blog. Check it out, download the book!

August 27 2011

Five different 3D printers at Metalab
From left to right: (hiding under the table under a self built case) Sebi's Mendel, Marius' Thing-O-Matic (printing a part), my Giraffe CupCake CNC, Marius' Kali CupCake CNC and Bernhard's Ultimaker.

Welcome to Metalab :)
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Chaos Communication Camp 2011
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CCCamp 2011 Impressions (by FoeBuD e.V.)
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August 24 2011

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as pointed out by vandebina
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