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Our initial batch of 500 has shrunk below 99.
We will have to charge more!
Please note that this is not OUR decision!
to make sure the market works correctly
we are
forced by the market forces to increase the price to 128euros!!!11
Every member of society has to pay a price!
The banks need our money so we have to charge more.
Sorry guys :(
As I said our hands are tied...

BUT if you have access to a 3D printer you
can save more than 40€ by printing your own case :)

I want to take some time to explain this mysterious, complicated market forces:
It will take us about 2-6 months to get the next round of fully assembled PCBs and we
are almost out of stock :( We just did not expect this many customers so we were a little unprepared for that but we are willing to learn ;)

greetings from the Future
Wizard the Baby Giraffe :)
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