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Mathias with 12 MagicShifter :)
Thanks to the generous financial support of AWS
(Austria Wirtschaftsservice www.awsg.at/) we were able to hire Mathias
(who was before building Tesla Coils at Metalab where I met him ;)
to help us with the low level assembly and C coding of the MagicShifterOS

Check out the newest revisions at: bitbucket.org/wizard23/magicshifteros
(if more than 23 people beg me to switch to github I will but
personally I don't like the github monopoly
(don't get me wrong it's an awesome tool so thanx Linus
(the OS is cool but it still suxxx it could be soooo much betta, lol just kidding
it's awesome anyway;)

Enjoy the Source Code (If you find bugs please report them in bitbucket) and
print out your own MagicShifter case in ANY color you like :)

from KybKreis 17 ;)
the newest and finest hackerspace in Vienna

:: Philipp Tiefenbacher
:: open source hardware/magic
:: magicshifter.net/
:: metalab.at/

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a MagicShifter from the Future
 -- Wizard Clarke Kent
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