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MagicShifter PRO - DIY for ONLY €79.00


This product includes all the parts needed to build the MagicShifter yourself except the 3D printed enclosure.
You'll have to print the case yourself :)

Download the latest MagicShifter enclosure 3D designs from the MagicShifterOS repository

The following parts are included with the MagicShifter DIY edition:

  • PCB (fully assembled and preprogrammed)
  • 400mAh LiPo Akku 
  • 4 self-tapping screws
  • a lazzzorcut polycarbonate inlay for dust & water splash protection for the sensors and the LEDs
  • a lazzourcut compound batttery inlay for optimized weight distribution and accelerometer based tap detection
  • 2 lazzourcut foamed rubber inlays for perfect optical insulation (needed for IR proximity & color sensor)

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